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Vegfest Kelowna 2020 would not be possible
without a huge amount of work put in by amazing volunteers

Sarah Parsons, Organizing Committee

Sarah became vegan in her early twenties after discovering the horrors endured by animals in farming and slaughterhouses. She passionately believes in the ethical, environmental and health benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. She is an artist whose works are inspired by her animal friends, with a special fondness for pigs. Visit her current project benefiting animal sanctuaries at
One Billion Pigs.

Sarah met kindred spirits in 2017 who helped to make Kelowna Vegan Festival a reality. Subsequently in 2018, VegFest Kelowna was born. She looks forward to spreading the vegan vibes in the many years to come. When free, Sarah loves fresh air and quiet walks in nature, she also enjoys snowshoeing and kayaking.  

Dr. Moira Drosdovech, Organizing Committee
Dr. Moira is Owner/Operator of Pawsitive Veterinary Care, a small animal Kelowna clinic, and has been in practice 33 years. She is also an artist and an animal activist! Her veganism began over 4 years ago after making the connection that all animals are equally sentient. Dr. Moira uses her social media platforms to spread the vegan message daily and her art reflects compassion for all animals.
She has been involved in VegFest since it's inception is 2017 and is a regular at the local animal and climate protests and marches.  
Wendy Aigner, Organizing Committee

Wendy was born and raised in Kelowna and moved back to her hometown in 2013. Having been vegetarian for several years in the past, the switch to veganism occurred on January 1st, 2017 once learning the truth about all forms of animal agriculture. Wendy is an active member of the local running community, racing distances from 5k to full marathon, demonstrating that veganism does not inhibit athletic performance.


She has been a part of VegFest Kelowna since its first year in 2017, brought Anonymous to the Voiceless to Kelowna, participates in local protests and marches, and volunteers at Arion Therapeutic Farm.

Pamela Murkin, Organizing Committee

Pamela became vegan 10 years ago, and was vegetarian for 10 years before that after watching videos of what happens in slaughterhouses. She volunteered with Earthsave in Vancouver for many years often assisting with their Taste of Health Veg Festivals.

She currently spends much of her time running after her two little ones and working from home.  Having started volunteering with VegFest Kelowna in 2017, she enjoys being part of such a fun and welcoming event that celebrates all things vegan.

Kelly Bergen, Vendor Coordinator

Kelly is an accounting student and bookkeeper who, along with her husband, is raising two healthy, happy and empathetic daughters who have been vegan since birth. A life-long animal lover, she went vegetarian at 15 years old for ethical reasons and fully vegan six years later. Now 13 years vegan, she and her little vegan family are blown away by how vegan-friendly the Okanagan has become.

In her spare time Kelly loves hiking with her Mexican rescue dog Rocco, especially Carrot Mountain and Rose Valley, and volunteers weekly at the West Kelowna food bank.

Thank you to all these incredible volunteers!
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VegFest Kelowna 2020

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